2016 Sessions

8:30am – 9:00am
Registration & Refreshments

9:00am – 9:05am
Welcome & Opening Remarks

9:30am – 11:30am

“TED” Talk Session
Opening Speaker: Apple, Inc.

School professionals will share their perspectives on:


Jon Bartelt Superintendent, Bloomingdale SD 13
Jennifer Eggert Instructional Technology Coach, Bloomingdale SD 13
Tim Farquer Superintendent, Williamsfield CUSD 210
Elizabeth Freeman Dir./Innovative Learning, Teaching, and Technologies, Fremont SD 79
Jill Gildea Superintendent, Fremont SD 79
Nanci Greene Dir./Technology, Bloomingdale SD 13
Michelle Mangan Associate Professor and Chair, Concordia University Chicago
Rick McCall Instructional Technology Coach, Bloomingdale SD 13

11:30am – 12:15pm

Lunch will be served.

12:15pm – 1:15pm – Breakout Sessions

How Tech Funding and Budgets Have Changed in our 1:1 District
Learn from two districts as they share their stories of 1:1 implementation and how funding has changed throughout the process.

Mark Altmayer CFO/Treasurer, Huntley CSD 158
David H. Hill, Ed.D. Asst. Supt./Business Services, Comm. Cons. Sch. Dist. 93


Classroom Redesign: Future Focused and Student Centered
Discover how the use of physical and digital space has expanded experiences for all learners. Leave with a vision of how a space might be transformed, as well as practical ideas and key strategies for creating dynamic learning spaces that energize and empower learners.

Elizabeth Freeman Dir./Innovative Learning, Teaching, and Technologies Fremont SD 79
Jill Gildea Superintendent, Fremont SD 79


Educating Today’s Learners
As the world continues to evolve and change, so too, does the way that humans operate. With ubiquitous access to technology and constant information consumption, we are learning far differently than our 20th-century ancestors. In this session, we will challenge some of the current educational practices and discuss ways to improve education to become more relevant for today’s learner.

Marcie Faust Deerfield Public SD 109, Director for Innovative Learning

1:25pm – 2:25pm – Breakout Sessions

Discovering and Leveraging Free Learning Resources
Explore iTunes U—Experience iTunes U courses and see how they provide a wide range of audio and video content as well as apps, books, teacher-created materials, and more. Learn how you can incorporate iTunes U courses into your instruction and how students can access it using the iTunes U app on iPad.

Apple, Inc.
Phil Morris Dir./Technology, Regional Office of Education 31


Coding Across the Curriculum
Last year in District 214, introduced coding into mathematics classrooms. This year, they are piloting coding in all subjects, using Swift PlaygroundBooks. This does not replace a subject’s curriculum, but instead reinforces content specific skills while exposing students to coding in Swift. CS teachers, district leaders and other technology decision makers are invited to come and see a demonstration of Swift and learn an approach to introducing coding in all classrooms.

Bob Brown Teacher, District 214
Tom Davidsmeier Teacher, District 214


Post-1:1 Vision: Next Steps for Instruction and Learning in a K-12 District
After implementing a 1:1 program, the important question becomes, “What’s next?” Come explore your district leadership’s next steps after being 1:1 for several years, including strategies for leading continued professional development, maintaining instructional focus and promoting student-centered learning.

Chris Budzynski Dir./Information Technology, Huntley CSD 158
Erika Schlichter Chief Academic Officer, Huntley CSD 158
Chris Skrzypchak Teacher on Special Assignment, Huntley CSD 158

2:35pm – 3:35pm – Breakout Sessions

Why Aren’t Students Sitting at Their Desks?
Come and gain a framework for 21st century learning and implementation strategies that could apply to any classroom environment. Understand new ways of engaging and teaching to all student learning styles while still meeting the demands of current learning standards. Instructional leaders such as principals, instructional coaches, curriculum and special services personnel as well as business/operations managers are invited to come and view an authentic video of classroom practices and design.

Miriam Cutler Asst. Supt./Special Services, River Trails SD 26
Mary Flessas Teacher on Special Assignment, River Trails SD 26
Leslie Keper Teacher, Indian Grove School
Matthew Silverman Asst. Supt./Curriculum & Instruction, River Trails SD 26


Develop a Continuation Of Operations Plan (COOP)
Floods, fires, tornados, mold and lightning strikes can destroy the educational IT environment. However, an educational institution can continue their mission if the staff and IT functions are intact. Come and learn the 14-step process to design a COOP that is tailored to the IT function. You may find changes in your approach to a strategic plan and disaster recovery process

Kevin Finley Research Associate, Northern Illinois University
Roger Swenson Broadband Devt. Group, Northern Illinois University